About Us

Digital Finance Professionals Ghana (DFP Ghana) aims to promote digital finance transformation and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in Ghana by emphasizing ethics in digital financial services delivery, developing a pool of skilled human resources in digital finance, and being a driving force in the digital financial service ecosystem in Ghana. By conducting research, we also aim to contribute to the body of knowledge in cross-cutting topics related to digital finance service, financial inclusion, financial literacy, consumer protection, and data privacy

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Our Objectives
  1. Build capacity of professionals in the digital financial service ecosystem.
  2. Contribute to the body of knowledge on the ecosystem by conducting and publishing studies, articles, and policy papers.
  3. Advocate for policies initiatives that enhance ethics and responsible digital financial services delivery.
  4. Work with industry players to implement market solutions.
Membership Criteria

Fellow–Honoary and Certified


Associate – Professional Certification Journey


Member – Non-Certified Practitioner